Impact Assessment

Impact Assessment

Mayo Needs Assessment 2014The challenge in environmental impact assessment is separating the wheat from the chaff - sorting through symptoms to identify underlying cause and effect relationships both positive and negative. As planners with a stewardship ethic we are by nature always thinking about the future and the potential long term consequences of our actions.

Our approach is holistic and focused on understanding the interrelationships that will have a bearing on reaching a decision. What sets us aside from many of our competitors are five characteristics:

Our multidisciplinary training and ability to consult, listen and assimilate technical information and local knowledge distilling the relevant facts accurately; Our ability to define the core issues, develop realistic timeframes and organize the research needed in realistic, pragmatic terms applicable to the north; Our ability to present the facts clearly and concisely in non technical terms that are adapted to the needs of different
audiences; Our ability to customize processes and project teams to suit the specific situation and client needs; and Our ability to think and work strategically finding creative, cost effective solutions where others fall back on standard formulas and experiences.


View some of our previous work below:

Alaska Highway & Dempster Lateral Pipeline Studies

Alcan Dempster

Project Description

Evaluation of land use impacts of corridor alternatives in Whitehorse and Dawson City regions. Work required integrated resource analysis including a review of mining claims, current land status, trapline activity, wildlife habitat and related data.

Project Details

Client: Foothills Pipeline (Yukon) Ltd.