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  • Planning

    Planners have many faces and titles but all share common beliefs. We have a stewardship ethic, caring about the environment we live in today and worrying about our children's legacy. We are "weather barometers", able to see into the future. We encourage open, transparent communication and are on a never-ending quest for wisdom. We seek out challenges, solving problems and preserving future options. We recognize beauty and respect different cultures and traditions.

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  • Impact Assessment

    Impacts are positive & negative, effects consequential & cumulative or singular & mitigable.

    Through careful research, effective consultation & appropriate documentation, Inukshuk teams produce thoughtful technical reports, easy to understand public displays & defensible conclusions that ensure review processes run smoothly, fairly & in a timely manner for our clients.

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  • Special Studies

    Innovative, creative, analytical, practical – all are objectives commonly used to describe our staff’s problem-solving and leadership capabilities in the planning & landscape architecture fields.

    Clients hire Inukshuk for our strong research skills & our far-sighted & comprehensive approach.

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