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archive Planning

Planners have many faces and titles but all share common beliefs. We have a stewardship ethic, caring about the environment we live in today and worrying about our children's legacy. We are "weather barometers", able to see into the future. We encourage open, transparent communication and are on a never-ending quest for wisdom. We seek out challenges, solving problems and preserving future options. We recognize beauty and respect different cultures and traditions.

archive Impact Assessment

The challenge in environmental impact assessment is separating the wheat from the chaff - sorting through symptoms to identify underlying cause and effect relationships both positive and negative. As planners with a stewardship ethic we are by nature always thinking about the future and the potential long term consequences of our actions.

archive Special Studies

These are the assignments that require you to think "out of the box" and come up with imaginative solutions.

Like the time we ran into a client that asked us how to go about getting a private railway approved. We had 48 hours to find a solution..."